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The Red Hill Church of Christ helps with Mission Work in Russia.  Here are pictures of Brothers and Sisters from various Russian Churches of Christ.
20 years ago, Charles Williams and Ralph Hart traveled to Vyatskiye Polyany Russia to present God’s Word to people in that city. While there they were able to meet with many people and   established a church of Christ with 15 to 20 people in attendance.

The next year Dixie Hart, Grace Davidson, and Cindy Lynn went with Charles and Ralph to teach women and children God’s Word in the city. Many young people attended the classes, some just to hear English spoken by Americans.

Over the next years more people came became Christians and the need for a local preacher and a building in which to worship was discussed. Gennady Pekarev was chosen to attend the School of Preaching in Syktyvkar, Russia. This was a two year program of teaching and preparing young men to go out and teach in Russia. Alexei Pshenichnikov (westernized Alex Wheaton to us), also was sent to attend the School of Preaching. Both graduated with honors.

Gennady Pekarev came home to preach and work with the congregation in V.P. while Alexei became translator and traveling companion of the group when they came to encourage and teach the new congregation each year. He also began to serve as preacher for a congregation in Moscow, Barnaul, then to St. Petersburg and Cachina. He leads singing, teaches and preaches, and translates when needed.

The New Union and Red Hill congregations decided together to have a church building constructed and in 2003, it was completed. The congregation meets there and hosts missionaries as well.

In 2004 it was decided that the Russian preachers needed to have a conference where they could all come together and discuss problems and other things they all had in common. The Winchester church of Christ, New Union church of Christ and Red Hill church of Christ funded this conference with travel expenses for all who would attend. It was held at V.P. and some 30 plus attending.

The following years the conference was held in V.P., Kazan, Kirov, Syktyvkar Russia. Always well attended and appreciated by the preachers and people from many congregations.

Included are photos of the 2017 attendees. Also, a photo of the group from V.P. who attended.

 On Thursday, January 4, 2018 5:33 PM, Алексей Пшеничников <> wrote:

Dear Charles,
Dear Grace, 

Below is my translation of some responses from VP which I just received from Gennady - they put it down as they met on Wednesday in VP. 
The responses are from Valentina, Gennady and Maya.

More later,

Hellow, Alex!
Below are the feedback about the conference. 

Valentina Rublyova (little Valentina - the one who is always positive - Alex P.):
A wonderful impression of the conference stays with me in my heart. The sermons (aka presentations - Alex P.) were interesting and inspiring, often complemented by facts from life. 
I listened and perceived each presentation with attention and great relish. There was discussion of topics during breaks and fellowship with Christians from different cities.  

Gennady Pekarev: 
I thank all brothers and sisters, who made the conference in Kirov possible, for their prayers, moral and financial support. I was happy to see preachers from other congregations. Unfortunatelly, we rarely meet, and that is why our meetings at the conference are useful. We discussed a very important topic which we shall continue to implement in our congregations. Edification of one another was very important, as well as discussion of pressing problems and assistance in their resolving. 
Thank you for the ongoing financial support of the congregation in Vyatskiye Polyany. 7 people were able to participate in this event. 
I do hope that the 14th conference at the end of this year will take place. 
Grace of Jesus Christ may abide with you and your families.  
Brother Gennady.

Maya (daughter of Nadya or Nadezhda the architect - Alex P.):
Another conference of the Church of Christ took place on December 11-15 in Kirov. 25 people took part in the confefernce, respresentatives from different cites/places: Moscow, Syktyvkar, Sosnogorsk, Saont Petersburg, Vyatskiye Polyany and Kirov. One theme for all seminars of the conference - "The One United Body of Christ".
1. There was a simple, easy-to-understand and at the same time interesting topic, which spoke of obligations which the Lord imposes on members of His church to gain their spiritual maturity. A reminder of the daily struggle - how we must fight our fleshy desires and flee from them.  
2. One topic mentionned vanity. Jesus helped people who asked help from Him, never in a hurry to get busy with His great deeds. He did not answer everybody's request immediately. Firts of all, Jesus came to the lost and perishing. I found the topic interesting and I personally want to further develop it, look for the corresponding passages in the Scripture and find answers for myself.  
3. The most interesting sermon for me was the one which said that we are made to show God's glory, by what we do and by what we are. And that is possible only when we are in Christ. The Lord wants to be glorified in His creation. We are light to the world and through us people can see it and glorify God. People who are not strong or steadfast in faith, can see Christian love in the church. I suddenly had a question to myself: does my life glorify God? Immediately, I started thinking what I could change, what I could do in my life.  

-------- Пересылаемое сообщение --------
От кого: Геннадий Пекарев <>
Кому: "" <>
Дата: Четверг, 4 января 2018, 11:29 +03:00
Тема: Отзывы на конференцию

Леха, привет! 

Ниже отзывы о конференции. 

Рублева В.Н.
Впечатление от конференции осталось в моем сердец замечательное, проповеди проповедников были интересными и впечатлительными, дополнялось часто фактами из жизни. 
Каждую проповедь принимала с вниманием и увлечением, было обсуждение в перерывах по теме и общение с христианами из разных городов. 

Гена Пекарев: 
Благодарю всех братьев и сестер, сделавших конференцию в Кирове возможной, за молитвы, за моральную поддержку, за финансы. 
Рад был встрече с проповедниками других общин к сожалению мы редко встречаемся, поэтому встречи на конференции являются полезными. 
Мы обсуждали важную тему, которую продолжим применять в наших церквах. 
Очень важным являлось назидание друг друга, обсуждение насущных проблем и помощь в их разрешении. 
Спасибо за постоянную поддержку финансовую поддержку Вятскополянской церкви. 7 человек имели возможность участвовать в этом мероприятии. 
Надеюсь в следующем году 14 конференция состоится. 
Благодать Иисуса Христа да будет с вами, вашими семьями. 
Брат Геннадий. 

Очередная конференция Церкви Христа состоялась 11-17 декабря 2017 года, в г. Кирове. Вконференции приняло участие около 25 человек, представителей из разных городов: Москва, Сыктывкар, Сосногорск, Санкт-Петербург, Вятские Поляны и Киров.Единая тема всех семинаров конференции - «Единое тело Христово».
1. Простой, понятной и в то же время интересной была тема, в которой речь шла об обязательствах, которые накладывает Господь на членов своей церкви для достижения их духовной зрелости. Напоминание о ежедневной борьбе: как мы должны бороться со своими плотскими желаниями и удаляться от них. 
2. В одной из тем шла речь о суете. Иисус помогал людям, которые просили у него помощи, никогда не торопился делать свои великие дела и не всем сразу же отвечал на их просьбы. Иисус пришёл в первую очередь к заблудшим и погибшим. Тема показалась мне интересной и лично для себя мне хочется её развить дальше, поискать соответствующие места Писания и найти для себя ответы. 
3. Самая интересная для меня проповедь – о том, что мы созданы для того, чтобы явить славу Божью, тем что мы делаем и кем являемся. И это возможно только когда мы во Христе. Господь хочет прославиться в своём творении. Мы – свет миру, и через нас люди могут увидеть это и прославить Бога. Люди, неукреплённые в вере, могут увидеть христианскую любовь в церкви. У меня появился к себе вопрос: а прославляет ли моя жизнь Бога? И тут же, задумалась, что можно было бы для этого изменить, сделать в своей жизни
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Update on Russian Mission Work

March 2018
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